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Who We Are?

US Tech Support is a leading US outsourcing company that has 16+ years of experience providing computer technical support to business and home computer users. If you are looking for help with a  computer, establishing hardware  and software, scanning for and removing a virus, Email Support and any advice on new technology, We have U.S. based technicians can connect to your machine or computer and provide help 24 hours a daylight.

Our Story

We provide ourselves in the elite online computer tech support that we cater to our customers every day. Our 16+ years of experience have shaped the insight and knowledge that we provide daily, 24/7/365. Our team is committed to offering the best possible experience for our clients. It’s our people that truly make the difference. If you are looking for a different approach to solving your digital life challenges, US Tech Support can assist you resolve your everyday challenges with one of our 1200+ remote support technicians.

Our Mission

Our missionary work is simple – create customer experiences that contribute to more serious relationships. We trust that putting the customer first and always being accountable has been how you gain confidence and commitment. No books, no robots, but the answers from courteous and knowledgeable remote computer repair professionals who experience your digital life’s best interests in judgment. Sign up with US Tech Support and improve your digital life experience.

Customer Reviews

“Their tech support has cleaned up my computer and it is working like new for which I’m very thankful.”

– Andrew L.

Customer Reviews

” I am extremely impressed by the cooperation & sincerity of the customer service reps that you employ.”

– Christian E.

Customer Reviews

“First class technical support. Got my computer cleaned and back to fast operation with minimal hassle.”

– Michael

With over a decade of experience in the security software marketplace, our Tech Support team can confidently handle the myriad of computer problems that home users and small businesses face on a daily basis. We understand just how frustrating technology issues can be. Think of us as your own personal help desk, without the excessive cost!